The power of a 100% FREE Extension

The power of a 100% FREE Extension

The power of a 100% FREE Extension The best place to research for your Merch By Amazon business. Amazon allows you to spy on listings, lets you see keywords used, price points at which items are selling at, and the rank of the item. It is literally the best place to collect data from, because nobody can be more exact than Amazon.

When doing research, I look through the Amazon catalog. I use the search bar on top of the website and type in the niche that I want to research, so an example being “St. Patricks Day Shirt”. But before you hit enter, look at the auto suggestions Amazon lays out in front of you, this will tell you what has the highest search volume on Amazon. When you hit enter (search) you will be faced with 100’s or 1000’s of products.

This is where one of my favorite tools come into play, its called DS Amazon Quick View, it is a 100% free Google Chrome Extension. 

What it Does: 

DS Quick View will show you the rank of items listed on Amazon without having to click on the product. Allowing you to browse the catalog quicker to find high ranking items. Below is an Image from with the extension installed. You will notice that there is an additional area under each listing showing you the rank of each item.

DS Quick View For Amazon Example

Link to Extension

Using this extension speeds up your research process immensely, allowing you to browse the catalog quicker, find out what is ranked well, and allowing you to see what is working. It goes much deeper than the designs you are looking at. When you find a good ranking shirt, you can click on it and read the title and bullet points used in the listings. This is a great way to piece together keywords for your listings in the same niche. The reason being, you see that the listing you are looking are selling well if it is ranked well, so the keywords used are working.

Bonus Tip: Use AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) to run advertisements on your shirts, ESPECIALLY for holidays. AMS Allows you to run ads directly on Amazon for your Merch By Amazon shirts, placing them at the top of the page allowing thousands of people to see them. LITERALLY THOUSANDS. The image below is a ad I just started yesterday night, about 14 hours prior to the image. I have spent $0.13 on the ad so far resulting in a $21.99 sale.

We will be going more in depth this coming week in a video styled blog showing how we use this tool exactly, we wanted to give you a tool that you can start experimenting with today allowing you to research over the week.

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