The Most Powerful Merch Software

The Most Powerful Merch Software


After testing, and researching numerous softwares, there is still one that we come back to day in and day out. That software being Merch Informer. A software like no other for Merch By Amazon, bringing you data and results in every aspect imaginable.

About Merch Informer

Merch Informer is a one of a kind software, that brings you powerful results to use on the Merch By Amazon platform. With industry leading technology you can tap into undiscovered niches, find the top selling Merch shirts and so much more. Merch Informer is owned by Neil Lassen, a very well known figure in the Merch Community, and his dedication to the software is what truly makes it what it is today. Never ending updates, new features and so much more make Merch Informer the go to software for many high tier sellers, including myself.

My Personal Top 3 Features of Merch Informer​​
Trademark Alerts:
If this was the only feature on the website, I would still gladly pay for it. The Trademark Alerts tool is simply live saving. Literally. It allows you to enter keywords and every 24 hours Merch Informer checks the status of those words to make sure no new trademarks are filed against them. Trademark Applications get processed daily, and when you are uploading hundreds of designs per week, you don’t always have time to go back and check for trademarks constantly. Let Trademark Alerts do the hard work for you and keep your account safe and sound.
Trend Hunter:
Trend Hunter allows you to find trends that no one else has tapped into you, or shirts that have JUST taken off and their rank hasn’t updated yet. This can be EXTREMELY powerful when trying to catch that “Next Big Trend”. What the Trend Hunter software does, is looks through all of the Merch Shirts, and finds the ones that have the BIGGEST change in BSR. But it gets even better, you can filter the results to different periods of time. From daily, weekly, and monthly. This allows you to see what is JUST taking off today or this week, or what is really starting to catch on over the last month. This feature is another go to for me now and seriously helps you stay ahead of the curve.
Merch Hunter:
Merch Hunter can be a very powerful tool if you use it correctly. There are tons of different ways to use this tool, from seeing the TOP selling Merch Shirts currently, or filter through the top results that are in a certain BSR range and through specific keywords. So find out what is selling well in a niche you are researching. I use this tool to look at shirts ranked above 100,000 in rank, for a niche I want to design for. It allows me to see what prices are selling the most, what the selling designs look like, and what their title and bullet points are to quickly see keywords they are using to become a successful seller. Take that data, and make everything better, from the designs to the keywords. Overtake those niches and win the market one day at a time with the Merch Hunter feature.

This is just a few of the features that you can unlock on Merch Informer, there are TONS of other great features that can seriously change your Merch By Amazon business. This powerful software has been together for awhile now, but I with the slow sales on Merch lately, it is time to seriously buckle down and hit the road running.​


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