The Importance of Brand Building

The Importance of Brand Building

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The Importance of Brand Building

Brand Building 101:

Why You Should Create a Brand:

Brand building is an extremely important step in any business whether you’re an online only shop or you have a brick & mortar store. It will allow you to create a following for your brand, where you can create, market, and sell products to others. This can fall under a wide range of products, not just Merch By Amazon. Brand building will allow you to “build” a following, from social media like Facebook and Instagram, to an actual website, where you have complete control over it. You can come up with a name that YOU like, you can charge what YOU want. Yes most of you reading this are only selling on Merch By Amazon, and some people are on Etsy, RedBubble, TeeSpring, etc. But you can brand build within Merch By Amazon. The power of a brand on Amazon is huge, it will allow multiple things to happen.

     1. All of your shirts will fall under one place, allowing you to direct traffic to ALL of your shirts with 1 link instead of having to send a new link for every T Shirt

      2. “Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed”: This allows your brand to be place right back in front of the shoppers. Without brand building you can make this happen, but it’s much easier to do so when all of your shirts reside in one place.

     3.The Power of Social Media: You can create Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, Instagram Accounts, Pinterest boards and more for your Brand. The moment you start is the moment the journey begins. The power of Social Media is HUGE. Don’t believe me? You wouldn’t be reading this without Facebook.

Picking Your Name:

First thing you want to do is think of names you can go buy. Make them short, sweet and easy to remember. Try not to have too many repeat letters in a row, as it can confuse people. Once you have a few names picked out (3-5), start checking them for trademarks, make sure there isn’t other companies going by that name already. Make sure the username for your brand is open on sites like Facebook (For Facebook Pages) and Instagram. And finally check for the domain name. You might not plan to run your own website yet, but at some point you might want to consider it, and you want to have a matching domain name to your brand name.

Social Media:

Social Media will play an extremely important role as you build your business, create a Facebook Page, Instagram Account, Pinterest Account & Twitter Account. I would say Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest are your top three to focus on. Create a good looking header photo and profile picture that stands out, and can easily be read by others.

I Have My Name, Pages & Accounts, Now What?

Perfect question, this is where it can become complicated, and this part takes a long time. First share your page with friends and family on Facebook, Text Message, Email, or any other form you can. Ask them to “Like” or “Follow” your pages/accounts. Ask them to share your posts on Facebook, the power of one share can be HUGE. The more shares a post on Facebook has, the more eyes it’s in front of. Here is an example:

I share a post from your brand page on my Facebook, I have 1,500 friends and that post will then be put in front of 1500 people. Not everyone will see it, so lets say 300 people see the post. If one person from my friends list then shares it, it goes in front of all of their friends. It is an endless cycle.

On Instagram and Twitter USE HASHTAGS. Use as many as possible, the more eyes that your shirts or products get in front of them the better. In each post on Instagram make sure to say that a link to your products is in your “Bio” on your Profile. (Make sure you actually have your link in your Bio). This will then allow them to find you via a #Hashtag, see your products, and hopefully follow you. The goal on Instagram is followers. The more “Followers” you have the more authentic you seem to become. And when you reach a certain point, whether it is 1,000 Followers or 10,000 Followers you can start to do serious damage with influencers. But we will talk about that in another blog.

I Have Done All Of The Above, Now What?

This is a VERY slow process that takes MONTHS to build up, but in the long run it is 100% worth every second of it as long as you stick to it. Make sure to post often to keep your posts in everyone’s newsfeed. Reply to people who comment on your posts, make them feel like they are dealing with a person, not a large company or robot. Also, you shouldn’t only post products, you need to communicate and engage with your followers. Post funny pictures (memes), videos and more, the power behind social media is huge. It just takes time.

We will be going over social tools to help your grow faster after we conclude our testing. But we wanted to get this data out to you, to help get you kick started and moving in the right direction.

Thank You for taking the time to read through our blog, don’t forget to check out past blog posts as we are teaming up with one of the biggest Merch Software providers this coming week.