Is AMS Worth Learning?

Is AMS Worth Learning?

Amazon Marketing Services & Merch By Amazon

Is AMS Worth Learning

The question that has been asked dozens of times now in all of the Facebook Groups is “AMS really worth it?”

I can’t state how important AMS can be at times. Is it 100% needed to sell shirts? Of course not, we have gone without it for some long. Yes some of us took the back door method in Early 2017 to get into AMS and advertise our Merch Shirts.

What I learned about AMS back in 2017?

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS for short) can help you absolutely dominate. From new shirts you just listed to outselling others during the Holiday season as well as the smaller Holidays like St. Patricks Day.  AMS can be a serious game changer when it comes to the way you sell shirts. For pennies on the dollar, you can get your shirt in front of thousands of people.

Do I Need To Spend Hundreds on AMS?

Simple Answer, NO. After receiving numerous questions about AMS and how much they should budget for their ads, I decided to include this section here. Some may think that you need to spend $100’s per month on AMS and that is not true. Now if you are scaling and you are winning on ads and they are making you a killing, then obviously it is smart to reinvest into more ads. On Average I would spend $3-$4 per ad and I will quickly cut it off if it was under performing. I also set my  Max CPC (Cost Per Click) very low around the $0.16 range, and most of the time the cost was around $0.07-$0.09 per click. If an ad was already at $3 spent at a CPC of $0.09 that means the ad received 33 clicks total, and if there are no conversions yet, I will cut the ad off and move to the next one.

Should I Run Ads? 

Of Course I believe you should run Ads for your Merch Business, it can drastically change the way you Merch. But do not be afraid to cut off ads early if you are getting thousands of impressions and a bunch of clicks & the ad isn’t converting into sales. 

What All Can I Do With AMS Other Than Spend Money On Ads?

AMS will allow you to create actual brand pages. With this you can target traffic from all over Amazon. AMS is really the missing piece everyone wanted but had no idea that you needed. AMS will allow you to test keywords, see where traffic is coming from and what search terms (Keywords) are working well. You can then tweak listings based on results of the ad to know what keywords you need to be using for a niche. AMS also allows you to target Trademarked Keywords, this is a sensitive subject in the community but let me elaborate on the topic. Lets say you have a shirt meant for Working out, you can target “Crossfit” in the keywords section of your ad. You can NOT use Cross Fit in ANY of your Listings, but with using AMS you can use the keywords section of your ad and target people looking for Cross Fit wear. This is just one small advantage that most people do not realize is possible with AMS, and many more hidden gems will be known here very soon.

Want to learn more about getting set up with AMS for Merch By Amazon? 

Check out Neil Lassen’s Post on Merch Informer about getting started with AMS. 

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