How To Leverage Amazon, Capitalize, and WIN!

How To Leverage Amazon, Capitalize, and WIN!

How To Leverage Amazon
Im going to show you exactly how I’ve gained tens of thousands of targeted Amazon Shopper followers on Twitter without spending thousands on social media ads, and how you can too. The ROI of this method has been extremely cost effective bringing customers back for more while developing a brand on Merch By Amazon.
Step 1
Find your new shirts that you think will be a hit, or a seasonal shirt in the prime time for selling.
  • Select ( Men Women or Youth )

  • Select the color your design looks the best on

  • Select a Size ( I prefer to select Male X-Large for this method )


Step 2
  • Set up a giveaway… Yes that’s right, you’ll want to setup a giveaway exactly how I show you.

  • Does it cost money? Yes it cost whatever your shirt is priced at + shipping. I guarantee that this method has been more effective for me than social media ads; the ROI has been phenomenal. The cool part is, I’ll show you how to get Amazon to do all the work for you.

  • Select “Set up a Giveaway”

Step 3
  • You only have to give away 1 shirt for this to work

  • Select “Sweepstakes”

Now if you want to grow your audience, require the participant follow you on twitter (Recommended). OR – If you have a design that you feel confident could go viral, you could have the participant tweet a message with your shirt link in it and start trending on twitter (Use a #Hashtag.)
Step 4
  • I’ve found that 2 days was the optimized amount of days to gain the most amount of followers in a short period of time.

  • Make sure you check the box to “Allow Amazon to make this giveaway discoverable to other AMAZON customers”

Step 5
Now The Fun Part
  • Title: Quick and Catchy

  • Welcome Message: Welcome your customer with high energy.

  • (Secret Sauce) for the “Post-entry message, i make it easy for the customer to buy the shirt RIGHT NOW!! For example “Like most of us, you probably can’t wait to see if you won this shirt. We understand your excitement – feel free to order it here (Your Shirt Link) *250 characters max.*

Step 6
There’s a sneaky box at the bottom, make sure it’s unchecked before you checkout. You want people to share your giveaway. Now Checkout.
Next just simply checkout and within hours you will receive an approval email from Amazon.
Like magic over the next 48 you’ll begin to see your followers grow.
Your twitter page shouldn’t be about you though, it should be about your brand and or your niche. Content is key to getting, keeping, and growing your following.
Now when I release a new shirt on one of my twitter pages it gets likes, retweets, and sells. I want the same success for everyone reading this and why I’ve chosen to share one of many tips to come in this book.
Above is how many current followers there are on my main brand page. If I can do this, so can you. #MerchJuice