What Is KDP: A New Guide to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for Beginners and Advanced

What Is KDP: A New Guide to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for Beginners and Advanced. 

We will cover these questions and many more over the next few days. 

What is Amazon KDP? 

What are Low Content and No Content Books? 

Do I need to be an author to be able to create Low Content and No Content Books? 

How do we sell Low Content and No Content Books on Amazon?  

How hard or easy is it to create and publish Low Content and No Content Books? 

How do we upload Low Content and No Content Books? 

Who buys Low Content and No Content Books? 

How much demand is there for Low Content and No Content Books? 

Where can I get Low Content and No Content Book covers? 

Where can I get Low Content and No Content Book inserts? 

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Over the next few days, we will answer these and many more questions about Low Content and No Content Books. Please join and follow us through the answers, and if you think of any questions that we don't cover come to your mind, please post the question or email us the question and we promise to respond quickly with a full detailed answer. We want you to immediately see the benefits and income opportunity this venture called KDP. We want to help you create more ways to generate income for yourself and/or for your family. We believe that you are awesome, and you deserve to succeed. You can reach us at designs@merchjuice.com

Now to answer the question, What is KDP? 

KDP is Kindle Direct Publishing. KDP is a self-service website that allows anybody to release both eBooks and paperback books for free. Amazon owns KDP and it also holds at least 80% of the eBook market.

We’ve done our research. We have determined that for all other self-publishing platforms, other than KDP, the disadvantages exceed the benefits of the platforms. Here are three factors with self-publishing on and with KDP.

 So, why is KDP much better than other platforms? There are many other self-publishing platforms to select from. Lots of authors pick to work with Lulu, BookBaby, or even Barnes & Noble Press. Some authors even choose to deal with a vanity publisher like Author House or Xlibris.

The thing about the KDP platform is it isn’t just an Amazon platform. Amazon and KDP also help us along the self-publishing process with easy to use free resources and tools that make it easy to release your book. Awesome!!

There are numerous people, like yourself, that are self-publishing with KDP which allows KDP and Amazon to keep up with the demand of the users and readers. This is awesome news for us now self-publishing authors! KDP is now the very best place for self-published authors to release books, paperback and digital.

For already published authors, this means no more creating and handling print books. For brand-new authors, this means you don’t have to make as many publishing decisions and it isn’t as hard to publish your concepts, vision, and ideas. And anyone can do it on KDP with the drive and determination. Our goal at merchjuice.com is to help you take your drive and determination and give you the self-confidence to self-publish your own book.
But, everybody who’s done this before understands that publishing is just one step in the self-publishing journey. Many who desire to be a self-publishing author get stuck long before they decide to use KDP. There’s a ton of work in order to create your concept, produce a cover, create the interior or inserts, creating a summary or description, and figuring out how to compose a book. However, we hope to help you overcome all of the hurdles and more that you haven’t even thought of yet. And again remember, there is truly no better platform than KDP for your concepts, your book cover, your interior design/inserts, and your book. 

Here is a list to explain KDP even further as well as what self-publishing with KDP means.

1. With KDP you keep control of your rights.

It’s simple to be ignorant as an aspiring self-published author. As a traditional author, everyone you work with wants to manage a part of the process. They want a piece of what you are creating. They want a part of your vision, your book, and you. With KDP, you get to keep control of your rights and set your own list prices. You can make modifications to your book at any time. And, compared to other platforms, KDP takes the smallest and least amount of your sales royalties.

2. Earn more money with KDP.

When publishing with KDP, you get to make as much as 70% royalty on book sales. That percentage changes depending on whether you are rereleasing a paperback or an eBook. And which circulation channels you re utilizing. However, as the author, you’re still getting the very best offer. Sadly, there’s not enough room to dive deep into the KDP royalty structure here. But we plan to cover the details of how to determine your exact royalties in a future blog.

3. Get the best circulation.

Because KDP is owned by Amazon, most print and eBooks published through the KDP platform have around the world distribution rights, which implies that customers from around the world can buy your book on Amazon.com and its associated websites (Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.com.au, and so on).

KDP was called CreateSpace before it merged with Amazon. CreateSpace and Amazon merged in order to keep up with the need of more books and eBooks. KDP is now the best place for self-published authors to release paperback and digital books anywhere in the world.

Well, at this point, it’s our guess that you’re sincere about self-publishing a book. We know that our readers, customers, and friends cover the gambit of experience and knowledge of KDP, self-publishing, creating, uploading, and selling books. Whether you’re at the beginning line of publishing on KDP, you’re stuck in the process, or you are successful, we at Merch Juice want to be part of your journey and experience. We want to and will provide you the tools and resources that you need to make it to and through the finish line. Working with Merch Juice is almost like having your own individual self-publishing team and Coach. 

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